Craft Ribbons

These wide craft ribbons will lend a touch of elegance to many craft projects, home decorations, gift parcels and more. At over 6 cm wide, and embellished with gold or silver detail, these ribbons from Spotlight will make a real statement. Form the ribbon into spectacular bows, give a luxury finish to parcels, or use to create stunning decorations for parties and weddings. The ribbons also make a wonderful addition to many craft projects and can be reused multiple times if stored away carefully between uses.

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Can I buy Craft Ribbons from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have an extensive range of ribbons for all your crafting needs. Whether you are looking for a specific type of ribbon for your handcrafted creation, or just stocking up for the next time inspiration strikes, we are sure to have the ribbon for you. Add elegance and charm to your craft, wrap gifts up with a big bow, or choose florist wire and ribbon to create botanical displays that are bound to impress. Ribbons make a great addition to lots of different crafts, so shop online or instore now and be prepared for the next time inspiration strikes.

What is included in this range?

These wide craft ribbons will lend a touch of elegance to many craft projects, home decorations, gift parcels and more. There is a huge range of widths, colours, and types of ribbon available, and we are confident that you will find the perfect choice for your crafting needs at Spotlight. Whether you are looking for a traditional ribbon for gift wrapping or aq textiles project, leaf ribbon, or a natural mesh for a truly rustic look, then we have the one for you. There is so much that you can do with this fabulous range of ribbons, from gift wrapping to textile projects and so much more. This collection also contains a selection of floristry wire, an essential for organising your floral arrangements that can also be used for a whole host of other crafts. With such a huge choice available, plus our guaranteed low prices across the entire range, Spotlight is your one-stop shop for all your ribbon needs.

Do you have any tips for creative gift wrapping?

Nothing quite finishes of a wrapped gift like a bow, and this fabulous selection of craft ribbons will help to ensure that your gift is topped off perfectly. Choose a ribbon in a colour that complements your roll wrap, or perhaps a bright one that clashes to really make a statement. Cut a long piece of ribbon, laying the centre over the top of the gift where you want your ribbon line to be.

Then turn your gift over, placing one end of the ribbon under and over the other, creating a cross on the back. Bring both sides of the ribbon back to the front, making a knot in the centre for that traditional look. Then simply tie your bow as if you would a shoelace, making sure that it is tight and equal in lengths on both sides. Struggling with tying the perfect bow? Purchase one of our pre-tied bows or pom poms that will ensure a well-decorated gift without the fuss.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

Some of these products are sold by the metre so that you can order exactly how much you need for your desired project. We endeavour to always cut our orders in one piece, however, due to the size of the rolls provided by manufacturers, this cannot always be guaranteed. As a result, if you do make an order that is over 5m, it is not likely to be in one continuous piece. We would also like to remind you that, if you are purchasing some of our products online, please remember that the reproduction of colours may differ due to monitor calibration. We try to match our colours and patterns as close to the image shown on your screen as possible, but we cannot always guarantee a 100% match.



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