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Basic Craft Supplies

Basic Craft Supplies

Looking for craft supplies? Then browse our huge range of basic craft supplies here at Spotlight to find all your essentials as well as inspiring craft, homeware and gift items that you can embellish with paints, glue, glitter, ribbons, fabrics and more to create unique, handmade projects.

Here you will find craft supplies for wood crafts, Papier Mache, face masks, and 3D wall-art as well as pom-poms, feathers, sequins and many different types of cord, adhesive and numbers and letters in various sizes.

Keep your basic craft supplies organised and safe in the various storage boxes, shelves and racks on offer at Spotlight.

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  • Pom Pom Loom

    Pom Pom Loom

    Make your own pom pom quickly and easily with this Pom Pom Loom. Set of three pom pom looms for creating yarn pom poms. These sturdy plastic Pom Pom Loom makes pom pom making easy and even fun. It is suitable for beginner to start with by following the instruction. You will spend hours of fun with t...

    Reg: $3.99

  • Classic Knit Dual Pom Pom Maker

    Classic Knit Dual Pom Pom Maker

    For small and large pom poms. New design. quick and easy to use. Great for kids, crafts, schools etc.

    Reg: $4.99

  • Birch Pom Pom Maker

    Birch Pom Pom Maker

    Birch Pom Pom Maker is a very handy tool that makes pompom-making simple, quick and easy. This Pom Pom Maker is the perfect way to produce excellent quality pom poms with ease.

    Reg: $3.99

  • Renoir Glue Fabric Paint

    Renoir Glue Fabric Paint

    This useful and dandy Renoir Glue Fabric Paint provides bright, glittery colour. Can be machine washed, this fabric paint produces vibrant colour to your fabric that is permanent and washable. It is also certified as non-toxic and safe to be used with fabric. Its composition consists of glitter and ...

    Reg: $11.99

  • Craftsmart Ultra Glue

    Craftsmart Ultra Glue

    Super thick, full bodied glue, and dries clear, this acid free glue holds most difficult surfaces.

    Reg: $16.99

  • Crafters Choice Craft Glue

    Crafters Choice Craft Glue

    Looking for the perfect glue fit for your craft endeavours? Well, this well-made Crafters Choice Craft Glue from Crafters Choice is rapid drying glue that stays clear when dry is the one that you are looking for! It can be used to bond fabric, paper, leather, plastics and glass, pretty much versatil...

    Reg: $13.99

  • Helmar Acid Free Glue Foam

    Helmar Acid Free Glue Foam

    Helmar Acid Free Glue Foam has been specifically formulated for memory albums, book binding, mounting photographs, preserving old or precious books, documents, scrap books, most craft projects, etc. Excellent adhesion to dense papers, high flexibility, long term life of the bond. Sets clear, dries q...

    Reg: $5.99

  • Helmar Professional Acid Free Glue

    Helmar Professional Acid Free Glue

    Helmar Professional Acid Free Glue creates a flexible, clear bond that will not yellow or wrinkle. It is ideal for memory albums, photographs, precious documents, decoupage etc.

    Reg: $6.99

  • Helmar Gemstone Glue

    Helmar Gemstone Glue

    Helmar Gemstone Glue is a washable glue for plastic, glass beads, rhinestones, pearls and mirrors. It holds gems permanently through repeated washings and will not cloud gemstones.

    Reg: $5.99 - $7.99

  •   Gloo Project Paste

    Gloo Project Paste

    A Non-Toxic paste that is smooth and easy to apply with a brush applicator. Ideal for most paper cut and paste work, paper mache, scrapbooking. Dries around 20 minutes.

    Was: $6.99 - $17.99

    Now: $5.24 - $13.49

  •   Scotch Magic Tape

    Scotch Magic Tape

    Scotch Magic Tape is the original matte-finish, invisible tape. It's the preferred tape for offices, home offices and schools. Write on it with pen, pencil or marker.

    Was: $3.49

    Now: $2.61

  •   Scotch Mounting Tape

    Scotch Mounting Tape

    Double-sided, foam mounting tape can be used for all mounted decor, signs, dispensers and more. Use instead of nails or screws on most wall surfaces including tile and wood surfaces that are clean, dry and smooth.

    Was: $8.99

    Now: $6.74

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Discover Our Recommended Basic Craft Supplies Every Crafter Should Have!

While some crafters focus on one specific type of craft, some crafters do not mind trying several crafts to keep them occupied. To ensure you can start with different types of crafts, you must have some basic craft supplies in your collection. Below, you can find all the essential craft supplies you will need for various crafts!

What Is the First Thing I Need in My Basic Craft Supplies Collection?

One of the first things you will need for most types of crafts is a rotary cutter or a craft knife. These cutting tools are used for various things, including the cutting of paper and ribbon. However, you will need a special cutter if you are looking to cut into fabric.

Crafters who intend on working with cutting tools must also get a dedicated cutting mat. The cutting mat will protect the surface underneath, so you must make sure you have one for all your cutting needs. At Spotlight, you can find several cutting mats that may suit your requirements.

What Is the Second Thing I Need in My Basic Craft Supplies Collection?

Another crafting tool that is often used in a variety of crafts is a craft ruler. Craft rulers are used in papercraft, but also in other crafts such as calligraphy and fashion design. We must mention that each of these rulers could be slightly different, so it is usually a good idea to have several in your collection to ensure you have one to meet your needs.

Customers can find several craft rulers in our collection, suitable for crafts such as papercraft, fashion design, and calligraphy. Check out our collection for the most affordable craft rulers, which you can then add to your collection for all your crafting needs.

What Is the Third Thing I Need in My Basic Craft Supplies Collection?

Frequent crafters should also have several types of glue in their basic craft supplies, since glues are commonly used in a variety of crafts. Glues are a common occurrence in papercraft, but also painting, papier mache, fashion design, and more.

At Spotlight, customers can find various types of glues for all their crafting needs; this includes super strength glue, wood glue, dotted glue, epoxy glue, model glue, and much more. Check out our large collection of glues to determine which ones match your needs the most! Like other basic craft supplies, it is recommended to have several types of glue in the basic craft supplies collection.

Crafters who work with glue might want to consider a glue gun too, because this is one of the most versatile crafting tools out there. The glue gun can be a valuable ally for your crafting needs, but also for some of the DIY jobs in your home.

What Is the Fourth Thing I Need in My Basic Craft Supplies Collection?

Another basic craft tool many crafters should have in their collection is a hole puncher. Hole punchers are used to punch holes in paper, and then file them in a folder. However, the hole puncher is used for so much more than that; this includes papercraft! So, be sure to add a hole punch to your basic crafts collection too.

What Is the Fifth Thing I Need in My Basic Craft Supplies Collection?

Crafters should own a large selection of craft paper too, because this type of paper always proves useful. Craft paper could be used to make a last-minute birthday card or Christmas card, but it could also prove useful for scrapbooking or gift wrapping.

What Is the Last Thing I Need in My Basic Craft Supplies Collection?

The last thing you will need in your basic crafts supplies collection is a good pair of scissors. However, we recommend having several different types of scissors, since different types of crafts can require a specific type of scissors.

There are many different types of scissors available today; this includes the craft scissors, fabric scissors, applique scissors, and embroidery scissors. There are more types available, but crafters usually get by if they have one type of these scissors in their collection.

Where Can I Find Basic Craft Supplies at Spotlight?

Spotlight has an entire range containing basic craft supplies; this enables customers to easily find the essentials to add to their collection. We already mentioned some of these essentials today, but there are many others that could prove useful. So, be sure to check out our range of basic crafting supplies to ensure you are always prepared!

Do you have a question about any of our basic crafting supplies? Or are you looking for a specific crafting tool and need some help to locate it? Feel free to contact Spotlight today for some assistance.

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