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Discover Different Types of Easels to Display Your Artwork!

When most people think about easels, they often think about the traditional A-frame easels seen in movies and television series. However, artists already know that there are different types of easels they could use to display their artwork. To help you choose the perfect easel for your work, we have created an overview of different easel types! Read on to discover them!

What Is the A-Frame Easel?

As mentioned in the introduction, the A-frame easel is probably the best known. The A-frame easel is characterised by its triangular shape and three legs, more specifically one in the back and two in the front. Prices for these types of easels are variable and usually depend on the material they are made of.

What Is the H-Frame Easel?

The H-frame easel resembles an H-shape, but is considered sturdier than the previous easel we mentioned. The only difference between the two were benefits are concerned is that the A-frame might be a little easier where storage is concerned. However, if you have your own dedicated workspace, you might want to consider the sturdier H-frame easel.

What Is the Giant Easel?

As the name suggests, this type of easel is specifically created for artists who are working on larger art projects. The size of the giant easel is variable, but usually lies somewhere between 85" to 120" in height. Of course, the price of this type of easel is variable on the size and the material. Of course, since these easels are extremely bulky, they are only suitable for artists with their own studio space.

What Is the Hybrid Easel?

The hybrid easel is one of the most versatile options for artists, since this easel allows artists to switch between horizontal, diagonal, and vertical. If you are an artist that tends to work on oil paintings, but also watercolours, then the hybrid might be an essential for you.

What Is the Single Mast Easel?

A single mast easel is probably one of the most affordable easels in existence. Even though it is not as sturdy as an A-frame or H-frame easel, it could be the best option for beginning artists and art students who do not have the budget for more expensive options.

What Is the Table Top Easel?

A table top easel is often referred to as the miniature easel, since it can be put on the table instead of the floor. Naturally, these easels are only suitable for smaller artwork, but they can still be used to hold your artwork in a horizontal, diagonal, and vertical position. There are also fixed options with less versatility, but they are more affordable.

What Is the Portable Easel?

Portable easels are usually an option for artists who tend to paint in the outdoors - for example, landscape painters or portrait painters who paint portraits in the streets to earn a little extra. Some of the latest models of portable easels are surprisingly sturdy, but the more features they have, the more expensive they are too. So, if you are an art student on a budget, you may have to choose one of the less durable models to start with.

What Is the Bench Easel?

Bench easels are commonly used in art classes, since they combine a bench for the student with an integrated easel. Of course, they could have some applications for regular artists too, especially if the artist finds it hard to stand in front of an easel for a long period.

There is one downside to bench easels though, because these types of easels can be quite pricey. They are also quite bulky, so only suitable for those artists with their own space to paint in.



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