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For many painters, and artists palette is a necessary piece of their equipment. Anyone who does not squeeze, splash or splatter paint directly from the tube onto their chosen canvas will need a palette to dip their brush in, or to mix colours together for the desired shade. Traditionally made of wood, modern artists palettes are made from plastic and can easily be cleaned after a session if required. Available in different shapes and sizes, with or without mixing knife. Also included in the range is a paper palette, from which you can simply tear off the page used for mess-free disposal.

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Discover Our Top Five of Most Useful Painting Accessories

Painting accessories become vital as soon as an artist starts to develop his own style. Today, we look at the most commonly used painting accessories, giving artists some inspiration for their own painting accessories collection. So, read on to discover which accessories you may need to add to your collection.

What Is the Number One Painting Accessory?

Our number one painting accessory could be considered more of an essential than an extra, because the most useful accessory is the palette! When you work with paint, you usually buy a set of basic colours, and do the mixing yourself later. A paint palette is essential for this, so you will find it difficult to find a painter without one!

What Is the Number Two Painting Accessory?

The number two painting accessory is not used by all painters, but once a painter owns one, it is difficult to go without - this accessory is the painter's stick or the Mahl.

A painter's stick or Mahl is a stick made from soft leather or another form of padding. It is used to support the hand of the painter during some detailed and delicate work. As mentioned before, not every painter uses one, since many prefer to work freehand.

What Is the Number Three Painting Accessory?

Our number three painting accessory could also be an essential, more specifically the painting easel. However, for our number three in this overview, we selected a specific type of easel: the hybrid.

The hybrid easel is revered amongst artists, simply because of its versatility. Even though this type of easel is a little pricier than the standard A-frame or H-frame easels, the hybrid allows painters to work horizontally, diagonally, and vertically. Since this easel can easily change positions, it is certainly an accessory worth having for artists who focus on more than one style of painting.

What Is the Number Four Painting Accessory?

Every painter needs a place to store his paints and supplies - therefore, our number four accessory is some painter's storage. Painters can get all types of storage boxes for their brushes and paints nowadays, some more organised than others.

To ensure you have the right storage for your needs, it is a good idea to look at the amount of paint supplies you have. It is also needed to look at your mobility as an artist. For example, do you travel often to paint landscapes? Or do you paint portraits on the streets to earn a little extra? Whichever it may be, if you are quite the mobile artist, you will need to choose some storage that allows you to travel easy - this could mean a storage box on wheels.

What Is the Number Five Painting Accessory?

The number five painting accessory is the carry case, an essential for every artist looking to get his work displayed. It is even an essential for art school students, since students have to carry around their portfolio daily.

There are plenty of carry cases to choose from nowadays. They can be made from genuine leather, but also more affordable synthetic materials. Naturally, the type of material you choose can have an impact on the amount of protection it provides for your artwork.

In addition to materials, the size of your carry case is important too. Most carry cases come in an A3 size, but smaller and bigger carry cases are available too. If you are an art student, check to see what the most common size of your artworks is before you choose a carry case. For artists, simply look at your existing pieces to determine the right size.



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