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At Spotlight, we stock a variety of different drawing aids for students, artists and other creative users. From simple rulers to scan-n-cut blades and other consumables, this range offers you many ways to improve and enhance your drawings, paintings and other craft projects. The range includes many useful items including decoupage finish, laminating pouches, and a distressing tool. You can even make your own stickers with specially formulated permanent and repositionable adhesive. Just a small part of our extensive range of craft, hobby and art supplies at Spotlight

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Discover an Exquisite Collection of Drawing Aids at Spotlight!

At Spotlight, budding artists can find all the art supplies to meet their creative needs. This does not only include a large selection of brushes, paints, and pencils, but also many drawing aids that could make your artwork the best one yet. Curious what drawing aids you could get at Spotlight? Discover more below!

What Are Drawing Aid Blades?

Drawing aid blades are used to make precise cuts into paper and fabric. Therefore, this useful tool has many applications in fashion design as well as card making. Blades are available separately at Spotlight, and are usually combined with a blade holder.

What Is a Rub-On Applicator?

Rub-on applicators are commonly used in papercraft, card making, and scrapbooking. The applicator is used to apply smaller parts onto paper - this could be a minor detail on a card or a scrapbook. In short, it is used to apply parts that are too small to apply with the fingers.

What Is a Distressing Tool?

Another drawing aid you can find at Spotlight is the distressing tool. The distressing tool is used to distress paper - this involves running the tool against the entire length of the paper to create the desired effect. This distressing tool is therefore popular in various papercrafts.

What Are Cut & Print Stickers?

Cut & print stickers are extremely popular for scrapbooking, since these stickers allow you to personalise your scrapbooks to an entirely new level. At Spotlight, you can find several cut & print sticker kits. These allow you to create your own stamp patterns and add them to your scrapbook or art.

What Is a Craft Drill?

The craft drill is another popular drawing aid. A craft drill is used to punch holes and eyelets, but is not the same thing as a hole puncher. The craft drill is created to drill holes into several layers of paper immediately, so it has numerous applications for card making, scrapbooking and other papercrafts.

What Is a Magnetic Pickup Brush?

A die brush is a drawing aid that is commonly used by artists who are quite advanced in papercraft and want to enjoy more convenience when they make their creations. With a magnetic pickup brush, it is extremely easy to pick up small paper pieces from dies and die-cuts. Therefore, this tool is a must-have for everyone with an addiction to papercraft!

What Is a Precision Base Plate?

The precision base plate is an essential for anyone doing papercraft and other outlets of creativity. With this base plate, you can cut through various tough materials - this includes fabric, craft metal, burlap, canvas, suede, cork, and much more.

Naturally, the precision base plate must be combined with the right machine to get the best result. At Spotlight, customers can find anything they need for precise cutting, including the additional supplies required for the precision base plate.

What Other Drawing Aids Can I Find at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, customers can find an incredible selection of drawing aids. So, our range is not limited to the drawing aids we mentioned above. In addition to those drawing aids, our store also includes eyelet setters, adhesive refills, crafting tool sets, scrapers, weeders, and much more. To get a better idea of the drawing aids available at Spotlight, please check out our catalogue today!

Spotlight does not only offer drawing aids for artists and creative types, since our range also includes other art supplies. In our extensive catalogue, artists can find affordable paintbrushes, pencils, crayons, paints, and so much more. So, for all your creative needs, be sure to check out our art supplies catalogue too!



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