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Top Tips And Techniques To Master Your Chalk Drawing Skills

Chalk drawing is quite the original craft, especially among artists who paint or sketch on a regular basis. While it is commonly mistaken as a fleeting craft, chalk drawings can be set and saved to stand the test of time. To ensure you get the most from your chalk drawings, here are some of our expert tips.

How Do I Maintain My Chalk Drawing Supplies?

To get the most from your chalk art, it is essential to maintain everything you are using to create your chalk masterpieces, this goes from the chalk you use to the actual chalkboard.

One of the most important parts to maintain is undoubtedly the chalk board you are drawing on. If you have practiced on a chalkboard, you may have some streaks of chalk remaining. If this is not cleaned up correctly, then your artwork may look less than desirable. So, always make sure that your chalkboard is completely free of dust and chalk residue before you start drawing.

To keep your chalk in pristine condition, you should store it properly. Most artists will obtain a dedicated organisation box for their chalk, this allows them to store their chalk according to colour, but also keeps the chalk safe against environmental factors.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Chalkboard?

Some cleaning products are better than others to clean your chalkboard. Most artists obtain a dedicated microfibre cloth to wipe away any remaining chalk, as the cloth easily absorbs the chalk. Using this type of cloth also leaves your chalkboard streak-free, which can only benefit your new drawing.

Please note that washing your chalkboard is another great way to remove any remaining chalk. However, there are different types of chalkboards available these days, this means that the method you use to wash your chalkboard will be different too.

The different materials used in chalkboards are usually found on the painted surface surrounding the board. For example, if wood surrounds your particular chalkboard, using water could actually damage the frame. In these cases, you can use a damp sponge. In between cleans, always make sure to wash the sponge thoroughly, as it could leave chalk residue and lead you to rewash the chalkboard multiple times.

How Do I Determine The Layout Of Chalk Drawings?

Working on a chalkboard is a little different than drawing on paper. That being said, some of the same principles can be used when drawing on a chalkboard. First, you determine the space where your drawing will be made. If you use a massive chalkboard, it can help to draw a line around the area where you will be drawing. Evidently, you do not have to do this when you use a smaller chalkboard.

What Techniques Should I Master For Chalk Drawings?

There are some techniques you should get familiar with for chalk drawings. Below, we have lined up some top tips from experienced chalk artists.

Broken chalk can be beneficial - While beginners always attempt to keep their chalk in one piece, there are some advantages to be had from broken chalk. To create variable effects with the same colour chalk, you sometimes need a bit of broken chalk. Broken chalk can give you lines of different thicknesses, which in turn could provide some interesting angles.

Practice with pressure - A broken piece of chalk is not the only thing that can create a different effect. The pressure you apply on the chalk can influence the thickness and boldness of the line.

Texture application - Applying texture in your work can seem difficult with a tool as simple as chalk yet putting in texture is quite straightforward. For example, you can create texture simply by alternating horizontal and vertical strokes with the chalk. Texture can also be created by using strokes in different directions.

Chalk Supplies Available At Spotlight

At Spotlight, you can find supplies you can use for your chalk art. If you want a great deal on these supplies, then you can count on the amazing prices provided by Spotlight. Curious what we have to offer? Check out our arts and crafts catalogue to discover all the equipment and materials we provide for crafting projects.



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