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Art Supplies

Art Supplies

Find all your necessary art supplies here at Spotlight!

Our range includes items that are ideal for artists of all ages from beginners to professionals as well as materials for school work, decorating craft projects and making jewellery, cards and invitations, or items for around the home.

Browse our large collection for paints including acrylic, oil and watercolour, ink, chalk, pens & pencils, canvas and paper, fabric paints and dye, as well as easels, how-to-books, kids art & craft sets, calligraphy tools, computer printing software and much more, for all your artistic projects.

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  • Brother Scan N Cut Pen Holder

    Brother Scan N Cut Pen Holder

    Brother Scan N Cut Pen Holder is for use with Scan N Cut Colour and Erasable pens in your Brother Scan N Cut machine! Perfect for keeping your workspace clear and organised as well as keep your crafting nice and tidy! For use with Brother Scan N Cut CM100DM Erasable Pens.

    Reg: $29.99

  • Brother Scan N Cut Erasable Pen Set

    Brother Scan N Cut Erasable Pen Set

    Brother Scan N Cut Erasable Pen Set is perfect for drawing seam allowances or creating other temporary markings on your fabric! The ink in the blue pen can be erased by water while the ink in the purple pen is design to disappear within 2 to 14 days of application. For use with Brother Scan N Cut CM...

    Reg: $19.99

  • Disney Frozen Pencils

    Disney Frozen Pencils

    A party favour that your kids can use in school. Disney Frozen Pencils is an ideal gift for kids' party pack.

    Reg: $6.99

  • The Essential A-Line Skirt Book

    The Essential A-Line Skirt Book

    Find infinite creativity and inspiration in one simple pattern - 17 fashionable A-line skirts are just a stitch away!�Guaranteed to flatter any figure, the featured pattern can be adapted to fit sizes 0 to 2x. Simple construction and a no-waistband silhouette make it a cinch to sew a skirt in an aft...

    Reg: $26.95

  • Gertie New Book For Better Sewing

    Gertie New Book For Better Sewing

    Gretchen "Gertie" Hirsch is a passionate home seamstress, a sought-after sewing teacher, and the creator of one of the web's most popular sewing blogs: Gerties New Blog for Better Sewing. The blog began as a way for readers to follow Hirschs progress as she stitched all 14 fashions from the iconic 1...

    Reg: $29.99

  • Gertie Sews Vintage Casual

    Gertie Sews Vintage Casual

    The mid-20th century was an amazing time for American womens fashion! Following the war, women started looking to American designers rather than French couture houses for inspiration and to demand clothing they could move in, even play in. In this follow-up to Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing, Gr...

    Reg: $29.99

  • Practical Quide To Patchwork

    Practical Quide To Patchwork

    12 quilt projects for beginners, confident beginners and intermediates. Explore different options for each project-make it with just two colours or scrappy, make it vintage or mod, make it soft or playful. Alternate colourways included with each project show you how swapping out fabrics can change t...

    Reg: $24.95

  • Quilts Made Modern

    Quilts Made Modern

    Multiple sizes, alternative colourways and design tips are included for all 10 project quilts. Patterns range from "quick and easy" to "involved but inspiring". Learn about colour theory, fabric selection, and elements of design. Build your skills with step-by-step instruction and tips on piecing, h...

    Reg: $29.95

  • Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee

    Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee

    From the creators of popular blog, Let go of the rules with 12 fun, funky and improvisational projects. The fundamental techniques are outlined-from fabric selection to quilt tops to binding.

    Reg: $24.95

  • A Month Of Sundays

    A Month Of Sundays

    Learn a novel approach to quilting using low-volume fabrics (white or light-based fabrics with colours and/or graphics that do not overwhelm. Featuring 16 family-friendly projects including quilts, bags, bags, pennants and so much more. Scrap-friendly and perfect for all skill levels.

    Reg: $22.95

  • Modern Holiday

    Modern Holiday

    Dress up your home in something fresh for the holidays! These quilts and holiday decorations from designer/blogger Amanda Murphy take Christmas in a bright new direction that updates the traditional reds and greens with blues, pinks and whites. 18 festive projects include 9 quilts and 9 home decorat...

    Reg: $22.95

  • Growing Up Modern

    Growing Up Modern

    16 one-of-a-kind quilt projects to make for babies and kids. Almost all the patterns offer sizing for baby quilts and 7 of the patterns easily adapt to fit sizes baby, crib, and twin. Also includes instructions for a pillow and quillow.

    Reg: $22.95

  • Making Quilts

    Making Quilts

    21 inspiring projects from expert quilter, Kathy Doughty, of the popular Australian shop Material Obsession. Learn how to make good decisions relating to colour value and contrast for balanced impact.

    Reg: $24.95

  • Brave New Quilts

    Brave New Quilts

    Well-known author and blogger of, Kathreen Ricketson, presents 12 quilts inspired by 20th-century art movements - from Art Nouveau and Bauhaus to pop and punk. Every art-inspired quilt concept is divided into 4 chapters: Use of Line, Use of Colour, Use of Motif, and Use of Text. Each of t...

    Reg: $25.95

  • Renoir Glue Fabric Paint

    Renoir Glue Fabric Paint

    This useful and dandy Renoir Glue Fabric Paint provides bright, glittery colour. Can be machine washed, this fabric paint produces vibrant colour to your fabric that is permanent and washable. It is also certified as non-toxic and safe to be used with fabric. Its composition consists of glitter and ...

    Reg: $11.99

  • Pebeo Setacolour Opaque Fabric Paint

    Pebeo Setacolour Opaque Fabric Paint

    Pebeo Setacolour Opaque Fabric Paint is suitable for brush, stencil and screen printing applications. Opaque water based colours can be mixed together and are resistant at 40 degree C after 5 minutes fixing with an iron.

    Reg: $10.99

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Discover the Basic Art Supplies for Artists at Spotlight

Are you taking your first steps in the world of art? If so, then you will need some basic art supplies to get you started! These basic art supplies can be obtained from Spotlight, because we provide everything for the budding artist. Check out our overview of basic art supplies below to find out what you will need.

What Is the First Essential I Will Need to Start with Art?

Every artist needs some quality drawing pencils. It does not matter if they are taking their first steps in the world of art, because drawing pencils of higher quality will provide a much better result in the beginning. It also teaches the artist to start using the proper pencils immediately.

At Spotlight, customers can find many quality drawing pencils. These pencils can be obtained in a set, but we also have individual pencils available. As you may know already, new artists will need a set of drawing pencils as well as individual pencils. However, we must mention that some artists prefer to buy individual pencils to match their preferences, since they do not use all the pencils in drawing pencil sets.

What Is the Second Essential I Will Need to Start with Art?

Artists who want to begin drawing must have a sketchbook too. However, you need more than just an average sketchbook though, because an artist requires and active sketchbook, which will be used daily.

Active sketchbooks are larger than the average sketchbook you will find in stores. The sketchbook must have a larger number of pages, but these must be made from quality paper to obtain the quality sketches you want.

Spotlight provides many sketchbooks that are perfect for budding artists, so you will have no problems finding a sketchbook for all your daily sketching needs. We even have sketchbooks with beautiful embellishments, which could certainly be used as a gift.

What Is the Third Essential I Will Need to Start with Art?

As a new artist, you will need a good drawing surface too. While artists could practically draw on anything, the drawing surface you use can influence the result you obtain. There are several types of paper that can affect the result of your artwork. Below, you will find an overview of the most common types.

Basic Drawing Paper

The first type of paper used for artwork is the basic drawing paper. Basic drawing paper has a medium texture; this texture enables artists to draw with different types of pencils such as graphite, charcoal, and coloured pencils.

Charcoal Paper

Artists could also use charcoal paper for their art. Charcoal paper has a heavier texture, but does not weigh as much as you might think. Instead, charcoal paper is incredibly light. However, due to the heavier texture, charcoal paper is often used by artists who want to have more texture in their artwork.

Bristol Paper

Another common type of paper used by artists is called Bristol paper; this is a type of paper that has one of the smoothest textures available today. Despite its smoothness, Bristol paper is still quite heavy. Because of its properties, Bristol paper is a popular choice for artists who want to play with values (shades of black and white). Bristol paper is also the preferred choice of artists who work with ink.

What Is the Fourth Essential I Will Need to Start with Art?

Every artist who works on their drawings will need some erasers too. Of course, much like pencils, there are different types of erasers available that could affect your artwork. Below, we have described the various types of erasers you could obtain as an artist.

The Rubber Eraser

Rubber erasers are probably most common, since these erasers use friction to remove material from the paper. They are also the recommended erasers for most graphite pencils.

The Kneaded Eraser

Artists could also choose a kneaded eraser, which does not use friction, but lifts the material from the paper instead. Kneaded erasers are used for more than the removal of material though, because artists also use kneaded erasers to create specific marks on the paper.

The Gum Eraser

Another option is the gum eraser, which is the preferred option for artists who work with sensitive and delicate types of paper. The gum eraser removes material through friction, but crumbles when it is used; this means that the drawing surface is perfectly preserved.

The Vinyl Eraser

The last type of eraser is the vinyl eraser; this is one of the toughest type of erasers on the market today. However, since it is also the toughest type of eraser, it also means that the eraser is not that suitable for delicate types of paper. So, only use this eraser when you have no other choice.

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