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How Can I Become An Artist?

Many people who visit Spotlight are artists, this may be in the form of painting, drawing, or even photography. Of course, we also get people who are interested in mastering the arts. If you are interested in learning a new craft, and becoming an artist in particular, be sure to read through some of our tips below.

Should I Try Different Forms Of Art?

Some people already have an idea of the specific craft they want to try as an artist, but it certainly does not hurt to experiment a little. In fact, most people who try different things in terms of artistry find their true niche. If you are a beginner, we urge you to try the following crafts to see which one fits you best.

Drawing - This is a craft that is quite extensive in terms of what you can create. You can create anything from charcoal drawings to crayon, there is really no right and wrong. If you have a good imagination and a willingness to learn drawing techniques, then this might be the option for you.

Painting - If you are a classic artist, then you might be heading in the direction of painting. With this, we must mention that most painters are also affluent drawers, as one does not exclude the other. Evidently, there are dedicated techniques to learn in painting, this goes from oil painting techniques to watercolour. So, if you try painting, it can be a good idea to practice with different mediums too.

Sculpting - Even though you also express your creativity in sculpting, this craft is quite different from drawing or painting. Opposed to putting something on paper or canvas, you will be creating a sculpture from your chosen material.

In sculpting, you can work with a variety of clay materials. Since different clay materials can have variable properties and benefits, it is also interesting to explore those.

Photography - If you are not that great at drawing or painting, you can still let your creativity roam through photography. While the average investment in photography is considerably higher than some other crafts, it is the perfect alternative for those who are not that creatively inclined with drawing and painting.

When it comes to crafting, it is all about learning what you are good at. Some people have a natural aptitude for drawing and painting, while others are better at sculpting something with their hands. Of course, you do not necessarily need to be gifted, as some skills can always be learned.

Which Supplies Should I Get In When I Try New Crafts?

As we mentioned earlier, it is beneficial to try different crafts when you want to become an artist. Of course, trying different crafts can be an investment, so we advise only to obtain the essentials. Once you have decided which craft to go for, you can expand on your supplies collection and acquire some more advanced equipment.

How Do I Develop My Own Style?

Once you have decided on the craft you want to hone as an artist, you can start developing your own style. Evidently, you will start by learning the basics, so your own style usually comes afterwards. For example, you can attend a drawing class and do some basic sketches in black and white. Over time, you will be working in some minor details in your work that makes the drawing your own. This is what separates one artist from another.

In addition to attending classes to learn the basics, it is always a good idea to explore the work of other artists. If you do painting, you should visit a museum and check out some of the masters. Every painter is known for their unique style and technique, so by examining some of the masters, you can determine the style you like the most. Then, you can learn the basics of that style and eventually give it your own twist.

Get Some Inspiration From Spotlight

Spotlight provides you with a range of art supplies, but also some art books to get some inspiration. If you want to explore the world of the artist, Spotlight is bound to provide you with the required inspiration.



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