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We offer canvas boards which can be used for painting, making collage, and other craft projects. Discover our wide range of canvass here at Spotlight.

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Need to Buy Canvas? Discover the Most Suitable Option for You with Our Handy Guide!

Nowadays, artists can use many mediums to paint or draw on. Of course, this does not make the decision any easier for the budding artist. To help artists find their way in the world of canvas, we decided to create a useful guide to point you in the right direction. So, if you wish to learn more about canvas boards, stretched canvas, or other types of canvas that might be suitable for your artwork, be sure to read our guide below.

What Are Canvas Boards?

One of the most popular options you can find at Spotlight is the canvas board. Canvas boards tend to be most affordable for artists, especially artists who are just starting out and need to get all those expensive supplies in. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight to provide you with an affordable range of canvas boards.

Naturally, canvas boards have their specific advantages, just like any other canvas you could acquire these days. Nearly all canvas boards are flat and solid panels, which means they do not have the bounce of a stretched canvas. However - this does make it a little easier for the beginning artist, who wants to work his way up to stretched canvas and other mediums.

Since the canvas board does not have the bounce of the stretched canvas, it does mean you do not have to sit upright to create your artwork. You can place the canvas board on a table, or another flat working surface to create your artwork.

What Is Pre-Stretched Canvas?

Pre-stretched canvas is probably one of the best-known types of canvas, since this one is commonly used by artists around the globe for their masterpieces. In most cases, the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame.

Naturally, pre-stretched canvas can be made from a variation of materials. The most popular material for pre-stretched canvas currently is cotton duck. Of course, material is not the only thing to consider, because the weight of the canvas may affect its properties.

There are three grades of pre-stretched canvas - this includes fine, medium, and rough. The fine grade of canvas is commonly used for portraits, while the medium grade is popular for almost all artwork projects. Rough grade also has its applications though, since landscapes could certainly benefit from using a rough-grade canvas.

Artists who want to take it one step further than cotton duck could use the more expensive material currently available, more specifically linen. Even though we don't recommend linen for smaller painting projects, linen could be more flexible for those big pieces of art.

What Is Homemade Canvas?

Many beginning artists often don't realise that homemade canvas is an option. In fact, many are surprised to learn that some artists prefer to make their canvas as well as their artwork from scratch. Naturally, creating your own canvas can be a little more budget friendly, but you will still need the material to make the canvas in the first place.

When you buy canvas that has not been stretched yet, you might notice it has a brown appearance. Before you can use it, you will need to apply animal extract glue - this to stiffen the material's surface. Then, you can stretch the canvas over your preferred wooden frame.

Additional preparation is required once the canvas has been applied on the frame, since several coats of primer must be applied to it. In most cases, artists will use a white acrylic primer - this will prevent the oils from the paint soaking through the surface of the material. To ensure a proper seal for your canvas, you will need at least three coats of primer.



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