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Looking for the perfect way to present your latest work?Visualise your latest craft works with Spotlights range of Art Pads, Diaries, Canvas & Presentation Boards.

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Can I purchase boards and surfaces from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have just about everything that the aspiring artist could possibly need and our selection of Canvas and Presentation Boards will help to ensure that your work is always your best work. Whatever masterpiece you are creating, a blank canvas that is stretched, primed, and ready to get to work on is an ideal painting surface when you are using oil or acrylics. Whether you are shopping for a new sketchbook for all your best ideas or a notebook for school, college or work, then you will find the perfect way to present your creative creations amongst this selection.

What is included in this range?

Whether you dream of being the next Van Gogh or Monet is your muse, at Spotlight we have just about everything that you could need to express yourself through the medium of art. This selection features canvases, presentation tools, boards, notebooks, sketchbooks and so much more. Create your own modern wall art or add an empowering message in your best hand lettering, paint a landscape scene, or check out crayon art to make a bright and unusual statement.

Easily done with stretched canvases in a huge range of sizes that are ready to go available now at fabulously low prices. No artist would be quite complete without their sketchbook. There is something for artists of all ages, and whether you are a beginner, a student of the arts or an expert, you will love these top-quality, affordable pieces. If you or your child is studying art, then a Portfolio is necessary to ensure that you can transport your masterpieces without them getting damaged on the journey. Whether you are looking for teeny tiny canvases and easels or huge affairs that would look fabulous over your fireplace, Spotlight is the one stop shop for all your painting supplies.

How should I prepare my painting surface?

Our pre-stretched canvases are ready to go and have been designed so that you can start painting quicker. However, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your artistic creation lasts longer. If you are using oil or acrylic paints, gesso provides the perfect base, helping the colour to stand out and providing a smoother surface to paint on. When you are using gesso, make sure that you stir it well before applying it to your canvas and that you wash your brushes immediately with soap and water as this cannot be removed from the bristles once it has dried. Consider painting a background or toning your canvas. If you are painting a stormy or foggy day, a blue-grey might be sufficient or perhaps a light wash of burnt sienna to provide the orange tones of a summer's evening.

Do you have any tips for reusing a canvas?

Canvas is a great surface to paint on, and a blank canvas represents an exciting opportunity whose delights are yet to be known. It is sturdy, lightweight and affordable, and is a fab surface when painting with acrylic or oil paint. Whether you are looking to completely start over, or maybe you are hoping to reuse a canvas from an old painting that you have fallen out of love with, there are a few things that you need to do to refresh the surface.

First of all, lightly sand the painting, to even out the texture. It is important that you apply only very light pressure, particularly around the edges of the frames. You should then cover the canvas with a primer, such as gesso, or white paint. Apply in thin coats and allow to dry fully between each application for an even surface. Try and keep to the same medium, painting oil over acrylic or vice versa may not be successful and is likely to result in paint flaking or peeling.



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