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The ideal extra layer of sun protection for any home, our selection of outdoor blinds and shades are a fantastic way to keep your home cool while also allowing for unobstructed views of your garden or street. Also known as cafe or bistro blinds, you can choose from a variety of colours to suit your home decor, with hand-crank and roller blind options available online or in-store.

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I already have curtains/shutters - why should I get outdoor blinds?

Outdoor blinds can do a lot more than just keep out the sun! Although they are a great way to help keep the sun out of your home and keep yourself cool during summer. Outdoor shades are also great for:

  • Privacy - outdoor blinds keep others from looking into your home, but still allow you great views outside. They are also great for use in an outdoor dining area, helping you enjoy time outside without having to worry about nosy neighbours seeing through your bistro blinds.
  • Airflow - outdoor shades allow you to keep the sun out, but unlike heavy curtains and shutters, also allow airflow through the house. This will help keep your home cool and the air fresh.
  • Outdoor dining - love to eat outdoors but not a fan of uninvited guests like mosquitos and flies? An outdoor patio blinds set will give you the views and open feeling you crave while you dine alfresco, while also providing protection from the elements and insects.

How do I care for my outdoor blinds?

One of the downsides to outdoor blinds is that, unlike indoor ones, they are exposed to the elements. Keeping your cafe blinds clean is essential to their continued good condition, so here are some tips on how to wash them depending on what they're made of:

  • PVC - outdoor blinds made of this clear, flexible material as the easiest to clean, as the surface isn't porous. Create a mix of gentle detergent and warm water and apply to your PVC blind with a cloth or sponge to get rid of any blemishes. Once you are happy, hose down your blind and let it dry before rolling up.
  • Fabric - while outdoor shades made from canvas and other fabrics are beautiful and easy to use, unfortunately they can be a real pain to clean! Like PVC, mild soap and warm water will get rid of light stains (or a spray of cold water can sometimes do the job with a very fresh stain).
    If you have more stubborn marks to get rid of, hypochlorite bleach can help, but make sure it is extremely diluted otherwise it can mess with the colour and strength of your blinds. Also stay away from hard bristle brushes and vigorous scrubbing, as this can damage the fabric itself. Again, make sure they are clean and dry before rolling away.
  • Some general cleaning tips - clean any patio blinds on a dry and preferably sunny day. Making your blinds wet on a humid day will promote the growth of mildew and mould, which are notoriously difficult to remove. Also make sure if you are using a hose to wash your blind that it is gentle, as a high-pressure hose could rip right through your outdoor blinds!

What Else Can I Find in the Range at Spotlight?

  • Venetian Blinds: the timeless style of Venetian blinds makes them suitable for many living areas in your home, although keep an eye on what they are made of to help you decide which room they are best for.
  • Roller Blinds: popular for their clean look, flexibility and easy use, roller blinds come in a fun variety of colours that make them an easy choice for your home.
  • Roman Blinds: created from a soft fabric designed to fold into pleats as it is raised, our Roman Blinds are made from a blockout material that will keep your home insulated. They are great to combine with curtains or drapes.
  • Vertical and Panel Blinds: looking for a streamlined and minimalist blind for your home? Vertical and panel blinds are a chic and clean option that comes in a range of colours and styles.
  • Plantation Shutters: stylish and extremely popular, Plantation shutters not only look great, but they keep the heat out too!
  • Custom Made Blinds: know exactly what kind of blinds you want for your home but having trouble finding them? Why not get your dream blinds custom made - they will fit perfectly and feature your choice of colour, material and opening mechanism.

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