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Sleep Well With The Right Bedding Essentials From Spotlight!

The major key to a good night's sleep is your bedding - this is made up of your mattress, any underlays, mattress protectors or toppers, your quilt, your blankets and finally your pillow and pillowcase. At Spotlight we have all the bedding you could ever need to add to your current mattress, from sturdy mattress protectors and single underlays all the way up to comfy weighted queen blankets, electric blankets and thick quilts. Discover the best bedding for your needs right here!

How To Choose The Right Bedding For You

What kind of bedding you need depends on what kind of sleeper you are, and which sleeping conditions you prefer. Some people like to sleep in a warm room with a light blanket covering, while others like a cool room but a thick duvet. Pillows should be thinner if you sleep on your tummy or back, and thicker for side-sleepers, to give enough support. Restless sleepers or people whose partner always hogs the largest part of the blanket or duvet may like to buy bedding that is the next size up, to ensure they get their fair share of cover in the night - king bedding is especially great for this!

Bedding FAQs

What should I look for when selecting quilts?

Quilts are available in different thicknesses, so many people have a different quilt for summer and winter to allow for the difference in temperature. If you prefer natural materials, choose either a feather and/or down quilt or a wool quilt. Synthetic materials also make very good quilt fillings and are often lighter in weight than wool or feather bedding. Asthma sufferers or people with allergies should look for hypoallergenic quilts or allergy-sensitive information on the labels.

What is the difference between a mattress cover and a mattress topper?

A mattress cover is used to protect your mattress by forming a barrier between your bed linen and the mattress. It can help prevent sweat, dead skin cells, hairs, and dirt that we all shed in the night from settling into your mattress, where they form a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites and the like. Waterproof mattress covers will also protect against fluid spills and accidents, but because of their waterproof qualities they do not allow the air to circulate quite so well.

A mattress topper is an extra layer of comfort and softness between you and the mattress. They are ideal for when your mattress is getting a bit older, or if you find the sleeping surface a little too firm. Mattress toppers can also add extra warmth and help to relieve pressure points during sleeping.

Why are there so many types of pillows?

The choice of pillow is a very personal one and we all have our own preferences when it comes to size, shape, thickness and firmness of pillows. Some hotel chains now offer pillow menus to their guests so they can choose the kind of pillow they would be most comfortable sleeping on!

Experts recommend different pillow thicknesses for back or tummy sleepers, people who sleep on their side and for pregnant women. In addition, like with other bedding products, you can choose from natural fillings such as feather or down, as well as a range of synthetic fillings, all with different bounce and loft. People who suffer from allergies or asthma may benefit from hypoallergenic pillows that fight the build-up of bacteria and dust mites.

What Bedding Brands Can I Find At Spotlight?

Quality bedding brands you can find at Spotlight include:

  • Tontine - based in Victoria, Australia, Tontine pioneered the original 'doona' and has been proudly Australian-owned since 1870.
  • Ever Rest - with its roots in traditional Scandinavia, Ever Rest is famous for its thoughtfully-designed bedding and advanced technologies.
  • Brampton House - with its fabulous range of stylish bedding, Brampton House has bed linens to suit all kinds of homes!
  • Dunlopillo - sleep in luxurious comfort with the help of Dunlopillo pillows! Try the popular Dunlopillo Luxurious Latex pillow to experience the difference.

For everything else you could need, browse our bedding category and bedding collections online!

Find The Right Bedding At Spotlight and Experience a Good Night's Sleep

You can shop for great quality bedding at Spotlight, whether it be pillows, mattress toppers, blankets or quilts - we have everything the big bedding stores have, plus more! Browse bedding for the whole family online, where you can safely pay and have your order home delivered. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to view the entire bedding range in person! For a little more help in choosing the right bedding, read our Quilt Buying Guide, Mattress Protectors Buying Guide, Blankets Buying Guide and Pillows Buying Guide before making any purchases. And discover beautiful bedroom inspiration in our decorate blog!



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