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Nothing beats warm flannelette bed linen to stay cosy in winter. Shop great value flannelette bed linen including sheets & quilt covers at Spotlight.

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Discover Quality Flannelette Bed Linen At Spotlight

Looking for your next set of bedding? Check out Spotlight's incredible range of flannelette bed linen and flannelette quilt covers, and see what all the fuss is about! We have flannelette bed sheets and quilt cover sets from all your favourite brands, including KOO, Logan and Mason and Linen House in a huge range of bright colours, bold designs and delightful patterns to suit your bedroom. Perfect for both adult and children's bedrooms, our flannelette bedding is comfortable, stylish and durable - find the perfect set here today!

Why Choose Flannelette Bedding?

Flannelette is the best bedding material for the colder times of the year, keeping you warm and cosy no matter the climate. Flannelette has a delightful texture that you'll love snuggling into at night, and it is easy to dye, making it available in almost every colour and pattern you can dream of!Flannelette is also an affordable material compared to other bedding like silk or bamboo, making it a great choice for anyone to try.

Flannelette Bed Linen FAQ

What is flannelette made of?

Flannelette bedding is made from cotton, but it is how it has been manipulated that makes it so different from plain cotton sheets. Flannelette bedding is 'brushed cotton' - this is cotton that has had its fibres agitated so they slightly separate and rise up, creating a soft and thicker-feeling material. This material is very good at trapping heat, ensuring you warm up quickly and stay warm as you sleep.

How do I wash flannelette sheets?

To keep your flannelette sheets in their best condition, wash them on a cool, gentle cycle in your washing machine with minimal detergent. If you have the space, your sheets should then be air-dried outdoors. If not, they can be tumble-dried on a low-heat setting in a drier.

How do I stop flannelette sheets from pilling?

Piling is when tiny balls form on your flannelette sheets - it's annoying, messy and the one downside to this amazing bedding type! You can help prevent pilling by washing your flannelette bedding on its own on a cool, gentle cycle - this will stop the fibres from agitating against each other and knotting together.

You can also add half a cup of white vinegar to the cycle when washing them - this handy tip can also help set the colours of your flannelette sheets if it is their first wash.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find more than just fantastic flannelette sheets and flannelette quilt covers at Spotlight!

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  • Bed linen - quality bed linen made from materials like cotton, bamboo and polyester can be found in this category, with a staggering range of colours and designs available.
  • Quilt cover sets - decorate your bed your way with the right quilt cover set. All quilt cover sets come with a quilt cover plus two matching pillowcases.

For everything else bedding, browse our bed category online!

Find the right flannelette bed linen at Spotlight

Sleep well this winter with quality flannelette bedding from Spotlight. Make your order online, safely pay and we'll ship your flannelette bedding straight to your front door! Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and you'll be able to choose your flannelette bed linen in person. For many beautiful ideas and inspiration on how to utilise your flannelette quilt covers and sheets at home, browse our decorate blog online. And don't forget our handy bed linen buying guide to help you make the best purchases every time!



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