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Get cosy in the bed with our range of flannelette bed sheets that are perfect for the cooler weather. Shop quality flannelette sheets at Spotlight.

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Stay Warm With Cosy Flannelette Sheets

There's no way to sleep better in winter than with some soft and warming flannelette bed sheets! Loved for their irresistible softness and delightful snuggly texture, flannelette sheets are one of Spotlight's favourite types of bedding, and for good reason. Our flannelette sheets come in all sorts of colours, prints and patterns from illustrious brands like Brampton House and KOO. We also have many sizes available, from the spacious king single flannelette sheets and double flannelette sheets to luxurious full king sheet sets. With so many varieties available, there is sure to be a flannelette sheet set to suit your bedroom!

How To Choose the Best Flannelette Sheets For You

Our flannelette sheets all offer superior warmth and durability when cared for correctly, but how do you know if this kind of sheet is right for you? If you are a naturally hot or sweaty sleeper, flannelette sheets may cause you to feel stifled and sticky - if you want to be warm at night, choose a more breathable material like cotton instead. However, if you often feel cold at night then flannelette sheets may be the solution to your problem. Because they trap and retain your body heat, flannelette sheets will help you warm up and stay warm all night!

Flannelette bed sheets FAQ

How to get fluff off flannelette sheets?

The small, fluffy balls that form on your flannelette sheets aren't a defect or sign of a poor-quality sheet - they are natural and will happen no matter what you do! This is called 'pilling', and you can remove them with a lint roller or even some sticky tape. Prevent them by washing your flannelette sheets on their own on a cool gentle cycle and then either gently tumble drying them or air drying them.

What are flannelette sheets made of?

Flannelette sheets are made from cotton that has been brushed to create the napped, fuzzy fibres that lead to the cosy, textured feel we love so much. These raised fibres are what trap your body heat and help keep you warm at night!

How can I keep my flannelette sheets soft?

Funnily enough, you should avoid using fabric softener for flannelette sheets, as it can weaken the fibres of your sheets and cause pilling. If you are using a dryer, add some tennis or wool balls to help prevent your flannelette sheets from clumping and to keep the fibres loose.

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Find The Right Flannelette Bed Sheets At Spotlight

You can discover our amazing range of flannelette sheets online, where you can safely pay and have your order home delivered. You can also visit your local Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you find the right flannelette sheet set for your needs! If you need to buy any more bed linen, consult our bed linen buying guide to ensure you make smart purchases every time. And for stylish home decor and bedroom ideas, browse our decorate blog today!



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