Bedroom Accessories

Bedroom Accessories

Need some bedroom accessories to suit your bedding needs?

Choose from a wide range of quilt grippers, sheet grippers and mosquito nets at Spotlight.

We also have a great selection of bed linen to make your sleeping experience complete!

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  • Ever Rest Mosquito Net

    Ever Rest Mosquito Net

    Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep under the protection of this mosquito net, made from durable material to prevent mosquitos from reaching your bed.

    Reg: $12.00 - $24.99

  • Quilt Grippers

    Quilt Grippers

    Keep your quilt neatly in its cover using this innovative pack of four quilt grippers, which hold your bedding securely in place without harming the fabric.

    Reg: $6.99

  • Sheet Grippers

    Sheet Grippers

    This handy pack of two elasticated straps with secure clasps is specifically designed to keep your bed sheets exactly where you want them.

    Reg: $16.99

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