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Here at Spotlight, we have an amazing range of beach towels, from round towels, to towels with tassels! Shop our collection online or in-store today!

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Where can I buy beach towels online?

Here at Spotlight we have a wide variety of beach towels that are perfect for warm sunny days when you just want to lay down on the sand for some sunbathing and relaxation. Our beach towels come in a range of fun and colourful designs that will delight any beach goer and make for a great fashion accessory.

What are beach towels used for?

Beach towels are much larger than regular bath towels which makes them perfect for laying down on. Using a beach towel prevents sand from sticking to your skin and getting all over your body, clothes, bags and other personal affects you might want to bring to the beach. You can also put them over poolside lounge chairs to keep them from getting wet whenever you want to lie down and relax after taking a dip in the water. Beach towels are an absolute must have when you want to go sunbathing on the beach or just by the pool.

You can also wrap beach towels around your body and not have any skin exposed. This makes them the perfect choice when you need to quickly cover yourself up while changing in and out of your swimwear at the beach.

Since beach towels usually have unique and colourful designs, they are also easy to spot from far away. You can easily use beach towels to claim a spot and use it as a landmark whether you're on a crowded beach or a secluded island.

What kinds of beach towels can I buy at Spotlight?

In this category you'll find high quality beach towels at different price points from well-known brands such as Brampton House, KOO, Logan & Mason, Emerald Hill, Canningvale and Luxury Living, among many others. We have beach towels that will fit any budget.

Our beach towels are made out of 100% cotton making them very soft and comfortable, and also very absorbent when you need to dry yourself off.

You'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to style. Our beach towels all have bright and colourful designs ranging from elegant patterns to distinctive and cool looking prints.

Aside from rectangular beach towels, we also offer large round beach towels which have become quite popular in the past few years. These are a great choice if you want your beach towel to stand out in a sea of rectangles and plain looking towels.

What other towels can I buy from Spotlight?

Aside from beach towels, Spotlight offers a whole range of bath towels.

Like beach towels, bath sheets are much larger than the regular bath towels you use after getting out of the shower. Bath sheets are also great for covering yourself up and are very absorbent with the extra fabric it has. The main difference between beach towels and bath sheets is their individual style. Bath sheets typically come in solid colours just like the other bath towels we offer, and are better suited for adding a dash of colour to your bathroom decor. Bath sheets, like our other bath towels, are also much thicker than a typical beach towel which makes them better suited from drying yourself off with.

Compared to beach towels and bath sheets, regular bath towels are much easier to handle on an everyday basis. When you get out of the shower, you can wrap a bath towel around your body or wrap it over your head to dry off your hair. And despite being a bit smaller, bath towels are still have more than enough surface area to absorb all the excess water on your body. We also have kids bath towels that are just the right size for children and feature fun and playful print designs of popular cartoon characters and superheroes.

Face washers are the smallest towels we have in our towel collection. These are square shaped towels that are perfect for washing or drying your face. It's important to use a separate face washer that's used strictly on your face so that you don't rub the oils, dirt and bacteria from the rest of your body onto your face and cause skin problems like acne.

We also have hand towels that are a bit longer than face washers, which make them perfect for drying off both hands. These hand towels are a great accessories to have in your bathroom or in the kitchen after you wash your hands.



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