Get rid of nasty creases or freshen up your outfit with a minutes notice with one of these great steamers available at Spotlight.

Ideal for both small, one-off jobs as well as larger projects, a steamer will allow you to hang clothes and other items including curtains and bedding and steam them vertically, without needing an ironing board.

Choose between a small, compact model that can be taken just about anywhere or a larger high pressure steam unit. Can also be used to freshen up clothes that have not been worn for a while, or to get rid of odours such as cigarette smoke.

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  •   IMK Professional Food Steamer

    IMK Professional Food Steamer

    Enjoy tasty and healthy meals in a minutes with the IMK Professional Food Steamer. This can retain all the colours and textures as well as the flavours of foods, creating a nutritious meals at all time for your families....

    Was: $49.99

    Now: $29.99

  • Out Of Stock Tefal Actis Steam Generator

    Tefal Actis Steam Generator

    Ironing and steaming your clothes will become effortless with the revolutionary Tefal Actis Steam Generator! Light and compact, this steam generator will offer superior speed and efficiency in steam generator technology. Perfect for smaller homes or limited storage space, the easy to use Tefal Actis...

    Reg: $169.00

  • Out Of Stock Tefal Access Steamer

    Tefal Access Steamer

    The Tefal Access Steamer is ideal for on-the-go garment care when you need it! Compact and portable, this ergonomic steamer is easy to use and will fulfil those last minute touch ups.

    Reg: $79.00

  • Out Of Stock Tefal Effectis Steam Generator

    Tefal Effectis Steam Generator

    TheTefal Effectis Steam Generator GV6720 is the first ultra compact, ultra simple, high pressure steam generator. The Effectis Steam Generator is 20% more compact than the previous Tefal Express ranges and features five manual settings (synthetic, cotton, silk, linen & wool) to suit all your ste...

    Reg: $429.99

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