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Discover Your Essential Papercraft Tools for Your First Papercraft Project!

Are you considering doing your first papercraft project soon? If so, be sure to read through our overview of essential papercraft supplies below, which you will need to bring your papercraft project to a good end. So, read on to discover what essential papercraft tools you will need for your project!

What Is the First Papercraft Tool I Should Add to My Arsenal?

One of the first papercraft tools you must obtain for your papercraft projects is a pair of detail scissors. Detail scissors are required for your detailed projects, since they are commonly used to cut smaller items. However, detail scissors are commonly used to cut other items too - this includes items with an adhesive back. However, please make sure that your scissors have a Teflon blade - this ensures that the adhesive does not stick to the scissors.

What Is the Second Papercraft Tool I Should Add to My Arsenal?

The second essential papercraft tool might surprise you, because it is a pair of fabric scissors. Even though you will cut paper most often, some crafters want to add small pieces of fabric in their scrapbook or onto their cards. In these cases, a pair of fabric scissors will be vital to cut the fabric properly.

What Is the Third Papercraft Tool I Should Add to My Arsenal?

When you are about to start your papercraft project, you will also need a good pair of normal paper cutting scissors. Most pairs of paper cutting scissors are quite affordable, but you must look out for paper cutting scissors with the non-stick blades - this proves useful when you cut anything with an adhesive back.

What Is the Fourth Papercraft Tool I Should Add to My Arsenal?

Another tool you might need for your papercraft projects is a bone folder. The bone folder is a hand tool with a dull edge. It is used to fold and crease materials during projects such as bookbinding, cardmaking, origami, and other popular papercrafts in Australia.

Nowadays, customers can find many different types of bone folders. However, experienced crafters tend to prefer a bone folder made from a Teflon material - this ensures that the bone folder does not put any shiny marks on the crafting paper.

What Is the Fifth Papercraft Tool I Should Add to My Arsenal?

Crafters will also require a good paper trimmer for their papercraft projects. A paper trimmer enables you to easily cut paper with the greatest detail. With some models of paper trimmers, you can even replace a normal blade with a scoring blade - this ensures that you cut the paper to meet your requirements.

Most crafters will choose a smaller paper trimmer for their papercraft projects. However, if you have your own craft room and do not mind spending a little extra, you could certainly invest in one of the largest paper cutters.

Crafters can get more advanced paper cutters too - this includes the electronic cutting machines. Even though they cost more than a small paper cutter, the electronic cutting machine could prove valuable for cardmaking, invitations, signs, home decorations, and a whole lot more.

What Is the Sixth Papercraft Tool I Should Add to My Arsenal?

The following papercraft tool is a scanner and printer, which may require an additional investment from the crafter in question. However, investing in a good scanner and printer is essential, since the quality will have an immediate effect on your papercraft projects.

Of course, a scanner and printer can be used for more than just your papercraft projects. It can be used for photography, vinyl printing, and a whole lot more! So, investing in a good scanner and printer will not be any excess luxury.

What Is the Seventh Papercraft Tool I Should Add to My Arsenal?

Our last recommendation for the papercraft enthusiast is a good selection of cardstock. A cardstock is more durable than normal writing or printing paper. However, it is more flexible than other forms of paperboard.

Cardstock can be used for many different papercraft projects - this includes the creation of business cards, postcards, playing cards, catalogue covers, scrapbooking, and a bunch of other things. So, this versatile type of paper certainly belongs in your papercraft arsenal.

Where Can I Find More Essential Papercraft Tools at Spotlight?

On this page, customers can find countless papercraft tools that could prove useful in their own collection. If you want to discover more useful papercraft tools, be sure to check out our catalogue today and discover some additional papercraft tools that could be of use to you.

Do you have any questions about our papercraft tools? Please contact the Spotlight team for some assistance.



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