Rainbow Looms

Loom bands are used to make bracelets, key chains, charms and figurines. Browse Spotlight's collection of rainbow loom bands online or in-store today!

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Rainbow Loom Beginner Tips

Even though there are many existing crafts to choose from, sometimes you will come across a craft variant that becomes popular with young and old. One such a craft is the rainbow loom craft, which allows you to create so-called loom bracelets and other colourful accessories with the help of coloured rubber bands. If you want to get started with rainbow looms and want to make sure you have some top tips at your disposal, be sure to check out the expert tips below.

Should I Purchase Multiple Boards And Loom Hooks For My Projects?

Projects can require different boards and hooks, so most crafters will obtain a combination of different hooks and boards to ensure they have the right tools for the job. Fortunately, most hooks and boards for loom bands are extremely affordable.

With boards and hooks, we must mention that they can be made from different materials. Evidently, the material they are made from can have an influence on the price. For example, plastic is one of the most affordable options, but is less durable overall. To avoid breaking your tools, you can choose a metal option instead, although this may be a little more expensive than the plastic variant.

Cannot find a hook in our rainbow loom section? No worries, as you can easily find the hooks you need in the knitting hook category of our catalogue. Evidently, the hooks used for rainbow looms and knitting are inherently the same.

Do I Need Scissors For Rainbow Looms?

Even though rainbow looms are quite straightforward to work with, a mistake can always happen. Therefore, you can always use a nice pair of scissors to open up your loom bands if it is required.

The scissors used to open loom bands are not just general-purpose scissors. While you could use a pair of common household scissors, you will quickly notice that scissors of this size make it incredibly difficult to open a single loom band with precision. Therefore, choose a small pair of scissors that enables you to cut bands with more precision.

Can I Use Charms On Loom Bands?

Most loom band designs you encounter will not contain any charms or other cool things, as the crafter usually focusses on an advanced technique for their loom band bracelets or other accessories. However, this does not mean you cannot use them at all. On the contrary, a lot of crafters incorporate charms and other decorations with their loom bands, this can go from knitted options to metal and even a nice selection of googly eyes.

Can I Make An Extension For A Bracelet That Is Too Small?

Once you close of a loom band bracelet, you always have the option to adjust it. For example, if you have made a loom band bracelet for a family member or a friend and it turns out to be too small, you can always add an extension to make it fit.

Extensions are usually made according to a pattern. With this, it is important to pay attention to the pattern type, as the extension must match the bracelet in question. Alternatively, you can also remove the closing band with some small scissors and add more loom bands as required.

How To Organise My Loom Bands Before A Project?

If you do a lot of loom band projects, it is very easy for your loom bands to get mixed up. This could be a problem for future projects, especially when you consider that loom bands come in different sizes as well as different colours. Therefore, we recommend organising your loom bands before every project.

There are some dedicated storage containers for loom bands available at Spotlight, which will make it easier to organise your loom bands according to size and/or colour. The storage cases for loom bands are affordable too, so you do not have to break the bank for these storage solutions.

Get Your Rainbow Loom Refills At Spotlight

Spotlight provides you with all the supplies you need to create something magnificent with loom bands. In this section, you can find all the loom band refills you need, but also some bracelet kits that are suitable for children's crafts!



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