Roll, pinch & create intricate designs with feather crafting supplies & quill feathers at Spotlight. Expand your creativity & make the most out of it!

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Can I purchase quill feathers from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have a vast range of decorative feathers available, which you can turn into quills, use in your crafts, or just to embellish anything that you like really. Quills are easy to make and simple in design, and yet this classic way of writing continues to be popular to this day. With a more flexible bend and a personal choice regarding the thickness of the nib. Take a creative flight of fancy and stick feathers to your arts and craft supplies. With such a fabulous selection available, plus our guaranteed low prices across the whole range, shop Quilling online or at your local Spotlight store today.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a whole selection of quills from various different birds as well as imitation feathers. There is a wide choice of different types of feathers available, including natural feathers, as well as those from a range of different birds. There is so much that you can do with this awesome collection, including millinery crafts, textiles, scrapbooking and more. Simply stick them wherever you want to add a dash of boho charm and fabulous feathery texture. We have turkey quills, duck, eagle, pheasant, guinea and more, and we are sure that you will find the perfect feather for you in this awesome collection.

Do you have any tips for making a quill pen for beginners?

Some calligraphers prefer to write with a quill due to the added versatility. To make your very own quill pen, you will need large wing feathers, such as the one featured in this collection, a sharp knife so that you can always cut the correct angle, a bottle of ink, a cutting board and tweezers. When you have decided where you would like your nib to be, cut the feather with your knife on a cutting board. This should be at a slant that is less than 45 degrees, and how thin the tip is will depend on what you are looking for and what suits your writing best. A finer point will offer a thinner writing experience, whereas, a thicker point will provide a wider nib. Follow the natural curve of the feather to figure out where you want the cut to be. You can leave the feather as it is, or you can strip some of it from the bottom up to give you more room to hold the pen.

What other crafts can I do with these feathers?

Feathers are utterly fabulous, and there are so many ways that you can incorporate these bright and colourful pieces into your arts and craft projects. You can stick or clip feathers anywhere you like, and they are a great way to jazz up an old pair of shoes, accessories, hats, or anywhere else. Feathers can truly embellish your millinery projects and add some gorgeous charm to your delightful hat creations. You could use them as part of your textiles project, create your very own dream catcher, or just to do fun collages with the kids. You could also make your very own hair accessories for that bohemian look, have vibrant coloured feathers trailing from wavy locks or hot glue feathers to your headband for a cute look. If your feather has got crushed or damaged in the process, you can hold it over the steam of a kettle for a few seconds and then gently brush it with your fingers for the perfect shape. Be extra careful with the steam, do not burn yourself and use tweezers or tong if you are worried about this.



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