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What Are The Best Materials For Blank Components?

When you look at the range of blank components at Spotlight, you will notice that there are various materials to choose from. Of course, different materials have different characteristics, this goes from how easily they can be painted to how durable they are. To ensure you have a proper overview of the materials and their benefits, here is a quick overview of the materials you can find in Spotlight's catalogue of blank components.

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Blank Components?

Since acrylic are easily to manufacture, you will find that this blank component is one of the most affordable in the Spotlight range. However, do not let the affordability of this material fool you, as it has numerous applications and countless benefits.

One of the biggest advantages of acrylic is the overall durability of the material. You can drop it on the floor, and it will not shatter, this opposed to other lighter materials such as glass. Of course, this does not mean the material is unbreakable though, as it can break under a great amount of force.

Finally, acrylic is also a material that is much easier to maintain than other materials. All you need is a simple microfibre cloth, as you simply wipe the material to keep it clean and pristine.

What Are The Benefits Of MDF Blank Components?

If you do not have the budget for real wood, you can choose something a little more affordable like MDF. Compared to wood, MDF is a lot more affordable and also provides some crafting advantages you may not have considered yet.

Firstly, MDF is a material that has quite a smooth surface. Because of the smooth surface, it becomes much easier to paint the blank component. It is also unlikely that you will encounter any splinters or gaps, which can happen with genuine wood. So, if you have a design you want to paint on a blank component, MDF should be on top of your list.

In addition to the surface being easy to paint, MDF has some other advantages to crafters. MDF also cuts easily, which means you can easily implement minor changes to these blank components if your crafting project requires it.

When working with MDF blank components, be sure to implement a waterproof layer before you add your design. Sealing MDF provides it with added protection against water and stains, adding several years to the lifespan of your project.

What Are The Benefits Of Cotton Blank Components?

Cotton blank components are also included at Spotlight. After all, there are plenty of applications for blank aprons, bags, and shirts. These blank components can all be acquired at Spotlight.

There are several benefits to using cotton blank components, and most of those benefits will be enjoyed by the person using the cotton object. Firstly, cotton is a breathable material, which makes it a wonderful choice for custom apparel in the warmer months. In addition to that, cotton is also hypoallergenic, which means it is suitable for people who have certain allergies and sensitivities.

Cotton can be customised with different colours and designs. You can find all the tools you need to implement your designs at Spotlight as well, also for a really affordable price.

Discover The Blank Components Available At Spotlight

Do you need some blank components for your next crafting project? Be sure to check out the catalogue filled with blank components at Spotlight! Spotlight provides everything from MDF and acrylic to cotton.

In addition to blank components, customers can count on Spotlight to provide all the basic crafting supplies for both adults and children. The range also includes some fun craft kits, ensuring children always have a fun crafting project to tackle. Check out the collection today and benefit from the sharp prices on basic crafting supplies and crafting kits.



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