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Whatever hobbies or crafts you enjoy doing, safely and securely storing your supplies and keeping them organised is important so that you can find exactly what you need quickly and easily. At Spotlight we have a range of craft organisers to keep all your bits and bobs in the right places.

What is the best way to store all my jewellery-making supplies?

Those little beads that range in size from incredibly tiny to large and chunky, fiddly clasps, metal hooks, lengths of wire and the like all need to be safely stored away from young children and separately compartmentalised so that whatever size or style or colour or item you need is readily found and accessed.

Spotlight has bead and jewellery storage boxes and trays in a range of sizes, styles and numbers of compartments. Some are opaque and others translucent for easy visibility. There are different clasps, lids and styles to suit. Dual snap lock closures on hinged lids ensure your supplies are securely contained.
The Crafters Choice Bead Organiser with Scoop and Tweezers in clear plastic is ideal for sorting large numbers of tiny beads by colour or size and the Crafters Choice Connector Storage Jars in clear plastic, size small provide another option.

How can I display my pieces of jewellery?

The Crafters Choice Velvet Bar Display in black is the perfect way to showcase your smaller creations such as bracelets, so that they are easy to see and don't get tangled.
The 23 cm Crafters Choice 3D Fabric Jewellery Stand in linen is a great way to hang your necklaces and the same product in black provides a contrasting backdrop to highlight the sparkle and glamour of your favourite pieces of jewellery.

What could I store pieces of card, paper and ribbon in?

Spotlight's range of cute document boxes and nested boxes in different designs are ideal for keeping paper, card or fabric products you might use in your craft-making.

Choose from pretty florals, groovy polka dots or musical emblems to store your art and crafty papers, ribbons, cards and fabrics separately. Nested boxes are great for storing paper or card art and craft supplies in different sizes or colours. There are rectangular nested boxes and square nested boxes available in 3-packs or 6-packs.

I enjoy scrapbooking and have lots of bits and pieces of differing shapes and sizes. How can I store them?

The DCWV Circle Nested Box in a 3-pack provides for three different sizes of supplies, whether they are varied sizes of photos, articles or clippings. Combining this nested box set with any of Spotlight's other nested box sets, document box sets or plastic storage containers should see all your scrapbooking materials safely stored and meticulously organised.

Spotlight's craft organisers come in a range of sizes, colours, brands and prices. There is something to suit everyone and plenty of ways to organise all your crafty bits and pieces so that everything is right at your fingertips, making craft-making easy, fun and relaxing.



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